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Photo by John Silliman on Unsplash

Before death became familiar in civilization

Black and white

Wrong and right

Sadness and happiness

Has always been an inheritance for the seven levels of the sky

Reveal the unfinished destiny in the retina of reality

In the heart of life,

Life fills a kind of disaster and cracks here and there

Memory and hope are the fuel of every soul

Gave off a black smell of purity affection

Space particles give birth to ambrosia in the dark stars

Unfortunate universe

Complicated world

Witnessed the stupidity of human pride

Drowned, drowned in rhymes

The way of the sea telling stories and the outer space that cried all night

Purgatory is insane with a torn heart in a stray trough leading to darkness in a hell

World, humans only want to leave you well

After the fire of anger that ignites grudges is extinguished

Is the day still orange or fuchsia

Before the scarlet freezes into snow

In the depths of a king’s heart, the people are only people who perish by the times

The type of poetry you’ll never understand

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