Fossil Clouds from the Big Bang

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Big bag is a particle explosion event which eventually forms trillions of planets and stars scattered in various directions.

Well, this time scientists and astronomers have managed to find a relic of the ancient universe, a “fossil cloud”. According to astronomers in Maunakea, Hawaii the discovery was made around the time of the big bang explosion.

Pure and Undefiled Elements

The discovery and early research of this fossil was led by Fred Robert and Michael Murphy from the University of Technology in Melbourne. The results of the research of these two scientists have been published in the astronomical journal entitled Monthly Notices of The Royal Astronomical Society.

According to them, the gas in the universe has been polluted by the heavy elements from the exploding stars. But this “fossil cloud” looks pure and is not exposed to pollution from the stars. So that we can find out what substances make up this universe.

Even after 1.5 billion years after the big bang, Fred and Michael discovered that this fossil cloud had not changed its original content. With this discovery we can find out the origin and composition of the original formation of the universe. We can even find out the origin of the stars and galaxies that formed from gas, while others don’t.

Using a Spectrometer

A team of astronomers and scientists used two spectrometers. Do you know what a spectrometer is? The spectrometer is a type of camera that is very sensitive and complex in finding the substance content of an object through wave data. So, it’s different from the cellphone camera that you usually use selfies, hehehe.

Well, even if you use any sophisticated camera, the fossil cloud will not be seen if there is no light. Now, observers can find this fossil cloud because the fossil cloud is exposed to a very bright quasar light.

Has Low Density

Space gas usually has a high density because it has been polluted by gaseous gases from stars. Well, according to the spectrometer record, this fossil cloud has a low density. This led researchers to believe that they were genuine relics of the big bang.

According to Robert, fossil clouds are not affected by exploding star particles. Michael also explained that the discovery of this fossil cloud could reveal the origin of the universe and encourage the discovery of other remains of the big bang.

And once we know all these mysteries we can develop them again for more useful things in the future.

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