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Half the night, tell me a fairy tale. Put me in that story. Even though my body is floating in the cold. That snow season, you bring flowers. passing fleetingly in the darkness. the moonlight won’t go out. Shine your eyes in a frozen fairy tale. I heard the sound of the forest whispering. tone of sadness. I want to be sanctified.

Every soul will be cold. In mourning or happiness. The sky and the light. Like white cotton scattered. In the sea the fishes will explore the hustle and bustle of day and night. One doesn’t know why he…

Big bag is a particle explosion event which eventually forms trillions of planets and stars scattered in various directions.

Well, this time scientists and astronomers have managed to find a relic of the ancient universe, a “fossil cloud”. According to astronomers in Maunakea, Hawaii the discovery was made around the time of the big bang explosion.

Pure and Undefiled Elements

The discovery and early research of this fossil was led by Fred Robert and Michael Murphy from the University of Technology in Melbourne. …

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Before death became familiar in civilization

Black and white

Wrong and right

Sadness and happiness

Has always been an inheritance for the seven levels of the sky

Reveal the unfinished destiny in the retina of reality

In the heart of life,

Life fills a kind of disaster and cracks here and there

Memory and hope are the fuel of every soul

Gave off a black smell of purity affection

Space particles give birth to ambrosia in the dark stars

Unfortunate universe

Complicated world

Witnessed the stupidity of human pride

Drowned, drowned in rhymes

The way of the sea telling stories…

Mankind’s interest in astronomy has started since ancient cultures. Admiration for beautiful celestial objects such as the stars, planets, moon, and sun has developed over the centuries. Even with all the limitations that existed before, humans still want to know what is in the sky — rather than just enjoying the view.

From observing the sky with the naked eye, to finally finding tools that help observation such as telescopes, astronomy is taking shape into the science we continue to study today.

The beginnings of astronomy

Historically, astronomy is the oldest natural science with its origins from religious beliefs, mythology, cosmology, and so on…


The type of poetry you’ll never understand

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